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Welcome to the official site of Lobo Video Productions, LLC

("Lobo" means Wolf in Spanish)

We specialize in all forms of video production from Electronic Press Kits, Music Videos, Wedding Videos to "Hotel, Bed & Breakfast and Recording Studio Tour Videos" for a variety of mediums including CD, DVD and the internet.

We proudly produce full feature length films & television programming catered to Latino Audiences for distribution on Home Video/DVD and to major networks around the world.

Our films & television programs are called "Fusion" because we Fuse English & Spanish. 70-80% English and 20-30% Spanish.

We are trying to change Latino Stereotypes in Films & television programming by casting Latinos in Movies & T.V. as other than the incidental roles like the Housekeeping staff, the Pool boy and the Gardner.

We are also trying to PRESERVE the Latino Culture & Traditions for over 40 million people in this country.

"We must NOT be the Cangrejos (crabs) in the bucket".

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